When we become followers of Jesus, one of the things we will want to do is to live more like the way Jesus lived. We’ll want to learn to follow him better. We’ll want to learn more about him (and Father God and the Holy Spirit who helps us in all of this). Not just learn about God, but know him. In other words, we will want to be constantly developing and living openly and generously in relationship with him and our community – “team human” – and the world we’ve been given.

In other words, discipleship.

The Abbey encourages discipleship by offering Sunday and weekday services in which the Bible (our source book) is read aloud and explained, as well as discipleship groups (aka Home Groups or House Groups or Fellowship Groups) which usually meet weekly. At these home groups, the Sunday readings and talk will be discussed, usually with guidance from questions which are written by the person who has given that Sunday’s talk. These questions are intended to help us discern how we should live – or change – as a result of what the Bible says.

The questions are available on the weekly news sheet, as well as here on the website. Contact the office if you’d like to join a home group (they meet at many different times during the week).

May you be blessed as you follow him.

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